Humble beginnings For Mansfield Paintball

Just going on six months since Mansfield’s paintball establishment opened, it’s started to cruise along nicely. With a slow start during the Christmas holidays the place has really picked up, with the addition of new fields to play and soon compete in, Mansfield paintball, is ready for the onslaught of the winter. The groups that have played have reported great fun and success to the owners and the employees, even the mini ball for the kids is a smashing success. With a few bulk deals now in place, the winter crowd will love the ability to put aside a weekend and travel the small amount of distance to have some team building adrenaline pumping fun.

With many locals around the area highly thrilled that a source of such fun and good business is now available, reports from some of the locals say…. “I have been waiting for something like this in Mansfield for ages” “We only had a skate ramp when I was a kid, this will be great”

You begin to see that our lovely community continues to step up and prove that the high country is one of the great places to spend a holiday or vacation, and you won’t be bored now! I myself have played a few sessions with mates and have had a blast, with great equipment and solid over watch of competent referee’s, this whole deal couldn’t be better.

Many people have expressed a great deal of encouragement to our team as well, letting us know that such an activity being available so close to Mansfield is truly going to be a stop in for repeat business. We’ve had punters and professionals take to the field with one result recurring every time, big smiles and lots of battle scars and stories. Some come of worse than others but all in all, we haven’t had a great complaint yet. I’d like to go into my wonderful team of compodreas, Jim and Ange, great blokes that are out for your fun as much as theirs, being locals themselves they understand that they have a great opportunity and neesh in the area and market, but that does not take anything from them when it comes to your fun and a great time. Our lovely ladies behind the counter keep this operation running like a well-oiled machine, making sure that the needs of any particular person are handled, and that everyone gets out onto the field, supplied and ready. Then there’s my area, the battlefields… As referee’s we have to be strict and sometimes harsh, but this is only because federal laws and regulations play an important part of your safety…. and ours, but rarely do we have to enforce such things as almost all the peeps that have been through the establishment have kept their heads on straight and their wits about them. Which goes to show that even when the non-lethal paint flies, people just want to be safe, have fun and go home with a yarn or two.

What does the future hold for the Mansfield paintball? Well here it is, we will be have competitions and tournaments soon, where both punter and professional from around the state will come to participate. Plans are also in the works for speed ball fields and more fields of play in general.

So this is Wezz. M. reporting an astounding great success has been achieved here, I only wish this place was around years ago. So to one and all give Mansfield paintball a ring and come and paint the fields of the high country, and let the sounds of laughs and cries of momentary pain ring through the mountains.

Signing off for now.

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