Mansfield Paintball’s Social Club Day

Saturday 19th April 9am

Mansfield Paintball’s Social Club Day is all about having fun & enjoying the sport of paintball.
Open to new inexperienced players and comp players alike.

The day will consist of 5man teams playing multiple games of Hyperball, a Speedball style game played on the existing Bushball style playing fields at Mansfield Paintball.
3 different fields will be utilised during the day.

Teams will be created by drawing names from a hat at the beginning of the day, this will add to the fun, players from all aspects & levels of the sport will be randomly mixed together to form the 5 man teams.

Games will be a basic head to head speedball style game (capture the flag), with a flag in the middle of the field, there will be no points system, just a straight win/lose/draw format, a win will consist of (a) grabbing & hanging the flag at the opposing teams start gate, or (b) eliminating all of the opposing teams players,
This day is Not a race for point or to see who can get the biggest trophy.
The spirit of the day is to have Fun.

Each game will be refereed by 2 players from the previous game, 1 from each team,
first game will be refereed by the teams playing last in the first round.
The game will be played with a basic honesty system, each player is responsible for themselves & their team mates.
Play fair & have fun.
The referees are mainly there to control the start and end of each game.
This is NOT a tournament!

Entry fee is $30 per player
(includes unlimited 4500psi air refills and a BBQ at the conclusion of the day)

Paint will be available to purchase at the field at the beginning and throughout the day.
Strictly NO BYO PAINT.

Cold drinks and chocolate bars will be available to purchase throughout the day.

Entry fees can be payed prior to the event.
All players are encouraged to Pre Pay their entry.

Call Mansfield Paintball on 57769621 to arrange pre paying your entry, or for any enquiries.

Hope to see you all on the field!

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